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Curriculum - Teaching and Learning

Applying the Australian Curriculum in a meaningful way to engage your child in their education 

At St Augustine’s Parish School, we are guided by the Living, Learning, Leading Framework. Our aim is for all children to be thriving people, capable learners, and leaders for the world God desires and develop key capabilities to enable them to flourish in our world both now and into the future.

Our skilled and dedicated teachers will work with your child to achieve outcomes in their learning and help them flourish as individuals.

In our Early Years, this evolves through:

  • play-based Learning focused on outcomes
  • inquiry-based learning with wondering questions
  • explicit teaching of new concepts with opportunities for repetition
  • InitiaLit - a structured synthetics phonics approach (https://multilit.com/programs/initialit/ - Please link)

In our Primary Years, this evolves through: 

  • inquiry-based learning with wondering questions
  • explicit teaching of new concepts with opportunities for repetition
  • various other ways to develop your child's deeper thinking and problem-solving skills


Australian Curriculum

We use the Australian Curriculum and Crossways curriculum for Religious Education for teaching and learning opportunities.

The Learning areas in the Australian Curriculum are: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts (Specialist lessons), Technologies, Health and Physical Education (Specialist lessons), and Languages other than English (Chinese at St Augustine's).

Our highly skilled teachers design meaningful, engaging yet challenging learning programs that incorporate the key capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia, and Australia's engagement with Asia and Sustainability. 

We also provide clear and visible learning intentions for the children that show them what successful learning looks like. That is, each child is very clear on what is expected of them in their learning and given every opportunity to thrive.


Learning Programs

We are committed to delivering a quality, contemporary education that honours the diverse spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual learning potential of your child. 

We support the transition to and from Primary school and employ contemporary approaches with children from Indigenous cultures, those with additional needs and particular social or emotional needs, as well as with children for whom English is an additional language.

We offer a number of learning support programs from reading, and numeracy to social skills as well as opportunities to further extend learning with programs such as Children's University (LINK) and Robotics.

Our school has also long been active in the Catholic Schools Music Festival and Wakakirri - a story dance event that fosters and reflects children's ideas.





Computers and IT

Children have access to personal devices at school.  You are not required to purchase a device for your child to use while at school as these will be provided for them.

Acknowledgement of Country:
We acknowledge the Kaurna people as traditional custodians of the land on which we meet and pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.